Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Might Be From Mesquite If…

If you’ve lived in Mesquite for any length of time, you know that there are certain phrases and statements that are unique to our small city.
Below, I’ve included a few that you might recognize, or have perhaps even said during your time here.
For example, You Might Be From Mesquite If…

…you’ve ever caught yourself saying “It’s ONLY 104 degrees today” in the middle of September.
…you know which casino used to be called the Peppermill, and which one used to be called Player’s Island.
…you’ve not only SEEN a desert tortoise, but have actually helped erect something called “tortoise fencing” as a fund-raiser for your favorite local group.
…you know that “Sy Redd” isn’t a breathing disorder.
…you’ve never been able to say the letters “B…L…M…” in that order without getting mad enough to kick something.
…you’ve ever referred to Las Vegas as “West Mesquite.”
…you can keep a straight face while explaining to someone from “back East” that the Virgin River really is a river.
…you can’t explain what an HOA is without involving words that start with F, D, S, H, or A.
…you know why there is a creek but no bunkers in Bunkerville, and bunkers but no creek at Wolf Creek.
…you believe that the only thing wrong with The Gorge, which separates Mesquite from St. George, is that it isn’t big enough.
…you know why many of the whites and Hispanics in this community wish they were Blacks.
…you understand that the 19th Hole has nothing to do with a golf course.
…you used to know more cattle by their first name than people.
…you realize that the logo on the side of the Grapevine Villas overpass crossing I-15 isn’t really Pac Man.
…you can find your way from West First North to East First South without a map and a GPS.
…you can explain why the CasaBlanca hotel has a golf course called “CasaBlanca,” but the Oasis golf course has nothing to do with the Oasis hotel.
…you know that there are no cows on Dairy Lane.
…you remember Mesquite Heights by it’s maiden name, the Old Dump Road.
…you know that when you mix the colors Sy Redd, Allen Green, and Randy Black, you create the color of money.
...your city government doesn't have wards but your town's biggest church does. know what that big empty grocery store across the street from the Stateline Casino used to be called. can name at least three different restaurants that have existed in that little building next to the big empty grocery store across the street from the Stateline Casino. have paw prints painted on the road at Hillside Drive, and know why. know which resort casino was built by Merv Griffin
…you can explain where to find Pirates in the middle of a barren desert, and why they’re worse than anything that’s ever sailed the seven seas.
…you know exactly how long an egg can sit on a local city street in July before it’s ready to be served up with bacon and hash browns.
…you can say you’re going to the Dam Bar, and you’re not cursing.
…you’ve come to the conclusion that, after visiting Virgin Valley and Scenic, Arizona, the federal “truth in advertising” laws simply don’t apply out West.
…not only do you know nice families named Hafen, Hughes, Jensen and Leavitt, you’re related to all four of them.

To those who have heard, said, or know all of the above, congratulations.
You are now officially a native of Mesquite.

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